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    Phun Lee Ming

    This week, my team just completed a successful Energy Saving project for a Beverage factory, in eliminating this Artificial Demand loss, achieving a measured power saving of 11.3% (Energy Saving !).

    Most importantly, this 11.3% will give an estimated saving of RM 141,0000 per annum (USD 35k ), giving an ROI of 1.06 years !

    For my 20 years professional journey in assisting factory operator to achieve Energy Saving for Compressed Air System, I am amazed by the lack of awareness about “Artificial Demand”.

    Artificial Demand is Wastage losses produced ( i use the word “produce” because it is always the user’s action that cause it) when the Compressed Air System is supplied at HIGHER PRESSURE LEVEL THAN REQUIRED BY THE PRODUCTION !

    It is common knowledge of the rules of thumb : 1 bar in pressure higher will resulted 7% higher in energy cost.

    So, when you are operating your compressor at a pressure higher than you desire, you are draining your company profit away. Take action now, help your company to fight the financial losses caused by the Covid19 Crisis.


    Good sharing


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