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    Phun Lee Ming


      Do you know your poorly maintained Dryer can cost you as much as 0.5 million RM additional Energy Bill ?

      Few years ago, we did an air audit for a Multinational Semi-Conductor factory in Senawang, Negri Sembilan. After 1 week of data logging, I was shocked when my team presented the Pressure Drop of the Dryer in the Compressor room.  The pressure drop before and after the dryer, which is a Heated Desiccant Dryer, was 30 psi (almost 2 bars) !

      As a rule of thumb, every single 2psi drop means 1% additional energy cost, immediately i did a simple calculation on how much this translate to Energy Bill :

      • 30 / 2 x 1350kW = 202 kW
      • Tariff : RM 0.30 per kWH
      • 360 days operation of 24 hours = 202 kW x 24 hours x 360 days x 0.3 = RM 523, 584

      The root cause of the pressure drop was due to the breakage of Desiccant into powdery form, blocking the air passage inside the dryer.

      In order to compensate the pressure drop, the factory operator has been increasing the set pressure of the compressor higher and higher over the last 1 year prior to the audit.

      Upon presented the findings, the Facility manager, without anymore delay, carry out a desiccant replacement exercise at a sum less than 15% of the Energy Wastage sum. This is equivalent to an ROI of 2 months !!

      Pressure Drop due to non-serviced dryers or filter replacement are commonly mistake that lead to higher energy consumption in Compressed Air System. To find this weakness (or you can term it as opportunity for improvement), carry out an air audit will be a simple solution.


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