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    Phun Lee Ming

    Do you know Oil free screw compressor only has an estimated lifespan of 5 years (approximately 40k running hours) ?
    Why is that so ?

    Screw Elements

    In Oil Free Screw Compressor, the rotating male and female screw rotors are compressing the air, without any presence of lubricating oil. In order to prevent wear and heat, from the friction; manufacturer uses special coating to prevent the 2 rotors from contacting each other. This can be Teflon or other coating materials.

    However, this coating will wear off during the operation. When then coating started to wear, the gap between the 2 rotors become bigger, therefore allowing high pressure compressed air to “sip through” or “leak backward”. When this phenomenon become severe, the compressor will work much harder to maintain the set pressure. And most important of all, it will not be able to generate the flow rate as per originally designed. Commonly, this loss can be as high as 10 to 30% !

    To compensate this, manufacturer will normally recommend end user to replace a new set of compressor rotors. And it cost as much as 50% or more , comparing to a new oil free screw compressor.

    So, isn’t this mean buying a “Merc” and only can use it for 5 years ?



    Well explained Mr Phun


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