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    Phun Lee Ming

    One of the most common daily complaints from the Production floor to Facility Department : Not Enough Air !

    Is it really not enough Air ? The answer is Yes, but also to be more exact, NO !

    All compressed air application are depending on two main critical parameter : Flow Rate & Pressure Level

    When one complain “Not enough Air”, the actual situation is the machine or system are facing lower pressure level than it require , in order to operate properly. All the common compressed air application, like Pneumatic process, Control system, Vacuum suction and others ; can only operate according to the machines makers’ designed pressure level. When the compressed air supply (flow rate) goes below the minimum pressure level (normally this level is set by the machine makers), the pre-installed alarm will turn on to warn the operator. When this happen, machine operator generally perceived it as “Not enough Air”.


    There are 2 situations when this happen :

    1. The production’s total Flow Rate requirement is higher than the Total Flow Rate Capacity of your Compressors System. As we are learned “PV equal to constant, PV), when the Flow Rate required is higher than the total compressors’ capacity, the Compressed Air generated will not reach the level set at the compressors.

    2. There losses in the compressed air system (Compressor room, piping network, production floor). The common losses are leakage are piping networks, joints, coupling, etc. Another common losses are caused by undersized pipe diameter, too many bend. And not to forget, the dryers and filters are also very commonly found to be the culprit. All these losses will lead to Pressure Drop ! When Pressure level drop, your production will start scream “Not enough Air”.   : )

    So, the next time when you hear this complaint, you know it is not just as simple as buying a additional compressor but, the solution can be much cheaper than than.






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