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    When we talk about Energy Management, the focus tends to be more on reducing energy cost through use of energy efficient equipment which involve investment. But what tend to be neglected is that the first step in tackling energy cost should be to address energy wastages.

    When we are dealing with electricity, the challenge of reducing wastages is much more difficult. The nature of electricity energy itself does not allow us to clearly see if electricity is being wasted. Unlike dripping from a leaking tank of diesel oil or water, wasted electricity does not leave any wet patches or heap of waste around indicating wastefulness.

    We can say that electricity is invisible. Without a meter or any form of indicator, we can’t see how much is being used and how much is wasted. To reduce electricity wastages we have to make energy used visible. To make it visible it is important to monitor energy use, analyze and report consumption regularly.

    Developing and understanding your energy benchmark and continuously comparing through monitoring allow you to be on top of your energy consumption. This way any trend away from accepted benchmark can be an indicator of possible waste that should be investigated and rectify.

    Making energy visible by converting data into information and information into actionable tasks has helped a lot of industries and facilities reduced their energy cost. Savings in the range of 3-10% has been reported by just making energy visible and acting on the information.

    What has been your experienced in doing monitoring and reporting of your energy use?

    Phun Lee Ming

    It is absolutely true. Tackling Energy Saving must not be shooting in the dark and hoping to hit something ! Without visibility of where is the power is consumed and how much is consumed, one cannot never achieve any real sustainable energy saving.


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