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Home Forums Energy Efficiency & Facility Management WHAT ARE EXACTLY ENERGY MANAGERS DO?

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    Energy Manager Convention 2019I am REEM with ST and I know there are plenty out there are also having other certificates as the energy managers issued by different organizations.

    There are several  questions that still coming up when I am in the market while promoting my services and servicing my clients. Among them are…

    1.WHAT ARE EXACTLY ROLES OF ENERGY MANAGERS or what  they do actually?

    2. If you are already have the maintenance or engineering/technical manager who is also looking into energy savings, who do you need an energy manager?

    In the same time, the question that still coming into my mind  is what are truly expected by the business and facilities owners from energy managers?

    Would appreciate some comments atau pendapat berkenaan perkara ini terutamanya di kalangan mereka yang terlibat sebagai pihak pengurusan dan operasi dan penyelenggaraan di mana-mana bangunan commercial atau kilang.
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    Phun Lee Ming

    I think the biggest challenge of today’s REEM is to get the real commitment from the Corporate leader, to act according to the advices given.


    The energy manager is an important role and appointment of an energy manager must be based on quality delivery to the organization.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Both of you are absolutely right.Roles of energy managers have expanded beyond technical roles.</p>


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