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Home Forums Renewable Energy What is the future of carbon credits?

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    matt carbon

    The above picture is a capture from Market Insiders webpage ( showing the current price of European Emission Allowance (EUA). EUAs are carbon credits used in European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) the world largest carbon credit market.

    With the increase demand for reduction of carbon emission & many looking to be carbon neutral, what would be impact on carbon price?

    Nasri Ahmad

    Hi Matt Carbon,

    Thanks for the sharing. The issue for us who is working on the ground, this carbon credit thing is very vague and far away.

    As far as me is concerned as a Facility personnel, I have no idea how this will impact my work. My bosses never talk about this and i don’t see any of my work is driven by this carbon credit thing.

    Sad to say this.



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