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Home Forums My Day, My Life, My Work Why there is no Ministry of Engineering ?

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    Chua TC

    Have you ever wonder why there is no Ministry of Engineering ?
    Lawyer has Ministry of Law, Accountant has Ministry of Finance, Doctor has Ministry of Health.. What happen to Engineering ?

    Lawyer has Bar council, Accountant has Charter of Accountant, Doctor has MMC.. and these bodies provide regulatory framework and market guidelines for the professional to operate. How about Engineers ?

    Isn’t it everything going around us, is built and produced by Engineering ?

    Anyone has any wisdom to solve this myth ?




    Interesting but with the current size of the cabinet. Another ministry will add another bureaucracy level and red tapes.

    Nasri Ahmad

    That’s explain why Engineer is still poorly paid, and there is no proper recognition platform for Engineering achievers.

    Today, if an engineer went into a discussion, make a proposal to a prospect; he is paid nothing. And the idea of his proposal will have a great chance to be stolen by the prospect, whom will engage another engineer who is willing to do implement the project at lower cost.

    That’s the sad irony of an Engineer !

    Lee PM

    Honestly speaking, Engineer is one of the lowest compensated professionals.

    Lawyer, Doctors even Accountants are paid better these days !

    In fact, Engineers are also having the highest unemployment rate in Malaysia !

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